My name is Yasmine, I am 27 years old and I am a 4th year medical student attending school at Ross University SOM. As a 4th year medical student I am still learning and training to be a doctor in just a few months. I learn by seeing patients, participating in morning rounds, learning at lectures and giving presentations.

Yasmin wearing Gnome Women's Purple Closed Back Clog
I put my clogs on as soon as I leave the house and I wear them until I get home! While in the hospital, I walk around 8,000 steps a day!

Your husband Bobby is also a med student – what’s it like being married to someone in the same field?

I met my husband in my third semester of medical school. It made studying for so long every day much more tolerable and enjoyable having a partner to do it alongside.

We took all of our board exams together and dealt with failures and successes together. At the end of the day, it has made our experience so rewarding. We love watching each other succeed. We have also been able to use our common interests to create our own blogging platform, The Gosey Guide, which has been such a fun and exciting business venture to work on as a team.

Women's Purple Closed Back Clog For hospital life

What is life the hospital like now? How has COVID-19 affected your work?

COVID took us out of our clinical rotations for a few months until it was deemed safe to return. At first, we had so many mixed emotions about being pulled from the hospital when it seemed like help was really needed. We felt like we had to find a place to be of assistance, but we were also terrified of the virus. We decided to start volunteering at the local food pantry and with the school district to address food insecurities in the community during the COVID crisis. We then established Michigan COVIDsitters which provided frontline hospital workers with free childcare, pet sitting, elderly care, pet care and errand running by way of healthcare student volunteers. We continued providing services through our organization until we returned to the hospital.

Now that we are back to the hospital, things are back to normal for the most part, besides having to wear a mask and practicing social distancing!

What does a typical day for a 4th year med student look like?

- Wake up at 4:15 am
- Get ready and leave the house around 5:00 am
- Get to the hospital for sign out at 6:00 am
- Pre-round on patients in the morning
- Attending morning report at 7:30 am
- Round with the residents and attending at 9:00 am
- Get lunch and go to noon conference (virtually) at 12:00 pm
- Check on our patient and get new admissions
- Head home around 3:00 pm

I put my clogs on as soon as I leave the house and I wear them until I get home! While in the hospital, I walk around 8,000 steps a day! Great footwear is crucial when you are up on your feet all day and walking around the hospital all day.

One of the worst feelings is your feet or back hurting and you still have an entire day left of walking! It’s a great feeling knowing my clogs will get me comfortably through the day. My feet do not hurt at the end of the day and my back isn’t tight. I love my clogs! (Not to mention my cute garden gnome clogs are a hit on the pediatrics floor.)

Gnome Women's Purple Closed Back Clog for Doctors

How can med students/doctors/healthcare professionals find time for self-care in the work day? 

There are so many ways that you can practice self-care even with a busy schedule. First, preparing for your long day at work! Meal prepping healthy meals and snacks is a way to make sure you have the energy you need for a long day. It is important to stay hydrated with your favorite water bottle nearby. I think water bottles with a straw helps you drink more throughout the day! Another simple form of self-care at work is making sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. That is where comfortable footwear comes in. Your body will overall feel better if you are wearing comfortable shoes and clothing you feel confident in!

In my opinion, the best way to dedicate time to self-care is to get moving! I make it a goal to work out at least 5 times a week. This can be anything- taking a long walk, aerobics classes, lifting weights. This is a great time to release stress and stay energized and motivated.

Other things you can do to prioritize self-care include making sure you get enough sleep and spending dedicated time with your loved ones. Do not be afraid to take a break when you need it! When we were in the brunt of our studies, we would take one or more days off from studying to do something fun. It was so worth it and it made our study days much more effective.

Gnome Women's Purple Closed Back Clog For Medical Students

My feet do not hurt at the end of the day and my back isn’t tight. I love my clogs!

What was your first impression/feeling when you tried on your Sanitas?

When I opened my Sanita clogs I was so excited about the pattern. Garden gnomes, how cute! When I put them on the first thing that I loved was the padding. It was like wearing slippers. The clogs give you good height, but also give ankle coverage so they have good stability.

Has anyone commented on your clogs?

Oh yeah, people love the clogs! I get comments on them daily. Especially being on the pediatrics floor I get lots of comments about people loving the garden gnomes.

Would you recommend Sanita clogs to your coworkers?

Absolutely, my colleagues are always looking for comfy footwear to help them get through the day.

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