Our Heritage


The first written account of wooden clogs are found in Denmark.


Christen Meldgaard Andersen is born at a smallholding in Vorgod, Denmark. He later grows up to play a large role in the Danish clog making industry.


At 18 years old, Christen begins apprenticing as a slipper maker. During his apprenticeship, he learns the craft which becomes the foundation for Sanita’s success.


Sanita is born - On February 4th, Christen opens his first shop and workshop on Skolegade in Herning, Denmark. He ventures out on his bicycle with two pairs of clogs tucked under each arm to local general stores to increase sales


Christen moves Sanita to a larger location just over a mile away on Mindegade and sales continue to climb.


Johannes Meldgaard Anderson, Christen’s son, begins working for Sanita and becomes a co-owner just seven years later.


Clog production is transferred to an independent company. A/S Sanita Traefodtoj situated at Platanvej in Herning, Denmark.


Sanita maintains its position and launches colorful clogs and that year’s biggest hit - wooden soled boots.


Clogs are no longer made with only wooden soles and the flexible SanFlex model is launched.


Sanita forms a US division to have a great presence in the US market. 2004: The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) awards Sanita the “Seal of Acceptance” for the Original Collection.


Sanita produces more than 1 million pairs of clogs annually.


Sanita is sold to new owners and has distributors in over 50 different countries.


Koi designer scrubs and Sanita partner to incorporate Koi patterns onto Sanita’s Original clogs to create Koi by Sanita


Sanita is more than just a shoe, it’s a lifestyle. Sanita has expanded its collections to cover work wear and fashionable comfort while also maintaining its position as a leader in handcrafted comfort footwear.