Find the Right Sanita

Not sure which style of Sanita is the best choice for you? Whether you have a wide, narrow, or hard-to-fit foot, are looking for slip-resistant outsoles, or need an easy-to-clean upper, our guide below is here to help.

Wide Fit For Men and Women's Clogs, Boots, and Sandals

Wide Fit

Are you finding our clogs fit a little too snug? Try our wide fit styles for a roomier fit to accommodate a wider foot. 

Closed-Back Narrow Fit Clogs for men and womens

Narrow Fit

You've pinched the heel cup for a slight fit adjustment, but still find that the regular width clogs are too wide? Our narrow fit styles feature a closer fitting upper to accommodate a narrow foot. 

Open-Back Clogs with Adjustable Buckle/Hooks for Men and Women


If you are looking for some flexibility, try these styles that feature an adjustable buckle or hook-and-loop closure to modify the fit. 

Certified Slip-Resistant Closed-Back Clogs for Men and Women

Certified Slip-Resistant

Does your workplace require certified slip-resistant footwear? While all of our clogs feature some degree of slip-resistance, these clogs meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for slip-resistant certification. 

Traditional Closed-Back Clogs for Men and Women


The traditional clog look, with a design to hold your feet in place comfortably.

Comfortable Open-Back clogs to wear with or without socks for men and womens


Our open-back styles are easy to slip on and off and comfortable to wear with or without socks. 

Different Style Patent Leather Clogs For Men and Women

Patent Leather

Our most popular upper material, this coated leather is shiny and easy to clean. If you're looking for bright colors and patterns, be sure to check out these styles.

Removable Footbed Clogs For Men and Women

Removable Footbed

Need to use a custom orthotic with your clogs? These styles feature a removable footbed that can be replaced with an insert of your choice.

Vegan clogs made from exclusively vegan materials


Love clogs but don't love wearing leather? Take a look at our styles that are made from exclusively vegan materials.

Heavy-duty work Clogs with Water-Resistant Upper

Water-Resistant Upper

Do you need a heavy-duty clog for work? Our textured-oil styles have been treated with a water-resistant finish.

Fashionable and Traditional Wood Outsole on Clogs, Sandals, and Boots

Wood Outsole

For those looking for something fashionable and traditional at the same time: the design that started it all, featuring the traditional Danish wood outsole on clogs, sandals, and boots. 

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