The beauty of nursing to me is that you are the one in the medical field that gets to be the most hands-on with your patients and their families.

I was inspired to become a nurse so that I could care for someone at their lowest and most vulnerable time in their life.I studied hard so that I could teach and educate, and provide valuable resources to those in need.

I have been a long time Sanita clog nurse & equestrian and still wear the original clogs I purchased as a brand new nurse!

nurse tori wear brown clog

I feel fulfilled in my position as a nurse, have a special place in my heart for working in the NICU, and value being a true healer and advocate for my patients.

Nurses Week 2020 is very different than we could have ever predicted. 2020 has now been deemed “Year of the Nurse” yet I don’t think any of us had a pandemic in mind as confirmation to our vocation.

The healthcare community has been faced (with quite possibly) the most taxing and complex disease process we will ever see. PPE (personal protective equipment) continues at its all-time low, many healthcare providers are affected by the virus, and some have even lost their lives.

For those who are working tirelessly to help others before yourself- thank you!

While there has been suffering, there has also been an outpouring of grace, compassion, generosity, and support for us as frontline workers in the midst of a pandemic.

As everything has been turned upside down in our jobs as we know it, our commitment to putting others before ourselves has never wavered and that is what gets us through our shifts.

Pro. Textured Antique Brown Clog for nurse

Never forget that your caring heart has touched so many lives, your skill has relieved those in pain, and your devotion has brightened the days of so many patients. 

Nurses are soldiers to be fighting illness every day with unlimited kindness, compassion, empathy, and healing. I salute you.

Thank you for rising to the occasion to heal the mind, body, heart, and soul of your patients with a caring, comforting and compassionate touch.

You’re the glue that holds the world together and the reason people are able to enjoy long, healthy lives.

Nurse Tori's Clog

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