Why Sanita Clogs?

Because they rock (literally)!

Ever wonder what makes your favorite pair of Sanita clogs just work?

Read on to discover the magic behind our clogs and what has made Sanita a must-have shoe for over a century:

1. Roomy for your toes

  • Give your toes a chance to be, well, toes! No restricted movement or a cramped style here.
  • Never feel cramped or squished; lots of room for your toes here -- go ahead and wiggle them! 

2. Durable, shock-absorbing outsole

  • Put some distance between your feet and those hard, concrete floors. Go from ouch! to ahh! with every step.
  • Our durable PU outsole has got your back. Literally! It's a shock absorber. 
  • Each step is easy, comfortable, and natural because of the clog's shape.

3. Arch support

  • Give your feet a pep talk in the form of an anatomically correct footbed with arch support and kiss foot fatigue goodbye!
  • So comfy! A soft footbed adds cushioning, wicks sweat, and provides arch-support. That helps protect from foot and back fatigue.

4. Be a rocker

  • Our clogs rock - literally! The outsole design helps move with every step but stays sturdy and supportive, unlike squishy sneakers.
  • Flex less, rock more! A stabilizing PVC insert deep in the clogs cradles your foot. The outsole relieves pressure and distributes weight evenly across the foot.

5. APMA approved

  • Our clogs have long carried the Seal of Acceptance from the APMA, meaning doctors recommend our clogs!
  • Sanita clogs are doctor approved! "The APMA Seal of Acceptance and Seal of Approval are granted to products found to promote good foot health."
  • Learn more about the American Podiatric Medical Association's criteria for selection at apma.org

What our Customers are saying:

"I appreciate the support it gives my feet; it feels like my feet are being comfortably hugged"

- Vanessa

"I had to go several weeks without them and used some old sneakers. I finally realized why I was so tired and achy at the end of the day. When I got them in it was a totally different day and they wore great."

- John

"I work in a hospital on my feet all day and these prevent all foot pain. They are better than sneakers and last much much longer."

- Eva

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