Third-Party Reseller Policy

Sanita does not currently sell through,, or any other third-party marketplace sites.

If you purchase shoes from these unauthorized resellers, we cannot guarantee the quality or origin of the product, nor does our limited warranty apply to purchases made through these marketplace sites, or any other unauthorized resellers, consignments shops, etc.

The information listed on unauthorized seller’s pages may not be accurate and often includes incorrect information about outsoles, upper materials and fit. Please do not rely on the information listed on these sites to make a decision about purchasing Sanita. If you have any questions, please refer to our detailed product information on these pages or contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to assist you in finding the right pair for you.

If you choose to purchase from these sellers, please be aware that the quality of the shoes may be diminished due to age, improper storage, and care and that our Sanita USA customer service team will not be able to assist you with the return, exchange or warranty claims.

We highly encourage that our consumers shop around for the best product and price and we want you to have a positive experience with our brand, and, most importantly, enjoy a high-quality pair of Sanitas for years to come. Our reliable network of authorized retailers helps us ensure this will be the case.

Please check our Store Locator page to find a retailer near you or online.